Friday, July 13, 2012

Loopr Live Loop Composer - feedbacking the amp..

Ha, wanted to check if the audio was 'ok' and image for the first camera... Looking forwards in recording a few pics with examples of what you can do with the Loopr and an instrument. But hey, not that I don't know it, but well, no, one can't really stand facing an amp beyond a certain volume. I knew it, yes, I did, but Friday the thirteenth are feedback day, so that's it. ;)

Using my Leduc BD3 bass, the SWR SM900 amp (way too big for a place like that), Loopr on an iPod touch with the iU2 interface from Tascam, but no, not using the Joemeek VC3Q you can see below the drum machine, using a MXR bass d.i.+ and an Emma Electronic Transmorgrifier.

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