Friday, November 1, 2013

v1.1.1 el bugs has left the building

Yeeeeaaah, the v1.1.1 (641/642) update was finally released.

A small bug on some random devices made them crash at startup for some strange reason.. some older devices had some sound glitches... at first resolutions lead to some other strange and random bug... a new operating system messing up the debug process... yes, things were kind of sporty after the release of v1.1 .

But at last, v1.1.1 seems stable... and we thank everyone of you who were 'bugged' by the v1.1 . A big digital hug to those who sent us some debug info, those who had the patience to wait and see, those of you who encouraged the process with smiles and cheers.

And we definitely thank the guy who gave three stars for the app while he did have one of the previous bug on his device... Cheers to you, if that isn't an honest review! :D

Yeah to all! See you soon for that next update... ;)

nothing better than a good farm of devices looping the latest ß version, that's how we debug

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Loopr v1.1 update : 64 tracks multi-phrase loopstation is out

Finally. Look at that 's' car go.

It took some time to get the animal out. Still a work in progress. But go and get the first 64 tracks multiple phrase live-looper for iOS, Loopr update v1.1:

- 64 independent tracks
- multiple phrases
- iTunes import/export
- alphanumerical screen to name sessions
- ...

Everything as usual was engineered to be controlled either through touchscreen UI or MIDI pedalboard program controls. This is only a v1.1, and it's far from being complete. Check this oldie video, that was in April and we just had tested multiple phrases and groups for the first time... ;)

Hope you have as much fun with it than we do in the meantime. :D
time for some sweet potato fries and local wine at Buck's...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

ho it looks like (one day) 365 days after the app store

A small graphic view of the overall distribution of our web traffic... Just for the fun, right now one year later, after one day 365 days on the App Store. As we can see, there are a few places where we definitely had acquaintances users... ;) We'll see how it evolves...

total visit comparison from 1st of May to 4th of August 2013 (Guillaume, on t'a vu ne te voit plus...)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Loopr is one year old!

Today is the 1st birthday of Loopr Live Loop Composer.

On August 3 2012, Loopr Live Loop Composer was delivered on Apple's App Store... 12 month later, it has traveled all around the world, looping, and looping, and looping, and looping, ....

Many thanks to all of you who've helped him crawl at first, stand up and walk. Thanks to all of you who supported the team, the close ones that supported us working on it, and all of you who worked with it and who make the music of our dances and dreams.

Happy first birthday to our little iOS loopstation. Looking forward to see it grow.
the Loopr team

p.s. Loopr will be 0.99$ for one day to make the party even better, tell your friends! :D

Sunday, May 12, 2013

let's tease about the terrible reality of not teasing right now

It's tough. Some of you ask why as we don't update, we wouldn't at least tease a bit about the future versions. They say it feels like the project is dead. These first two years in the making were going to be tough and apparently slow, but we knew that.

We know where to go, what has been done and what's left to do. We have a confident aim, but it's still hard to keep on the focus and discipline. There are others who work in the looper business like us, and are getting their stuff out. We think we're doing things a bit differently and not bragging about anything is probably a good decision. But boy it's frustrating sometimes not letting the things get out because they're simply not sufficiently baked. It's hard not to show you what we've worked on and what's waiting for you up the road (we did a bit of that in the past, but hey, we were young and the stuff was quite obvious ;) ).

Claudius Maximus and Z doing some Hang-Bass-Loopr in the park on a sunny (but muddy) Thursday afternoon.
You users are the ones we're looking to please. We know we need to keep that love and attraction alive. Yes, that willful tie between you and the Loopr bride is getting older by the day between too scarce updates. We know that, and we'd love to let things loose a bit. But we shall not claim anything we can't yet procure. The project is still too young and the foundations not stable yet. We need to let the time follow its steady pace, the work is going slow but steady. We shall not send things flying around in thin air like that, and that's why all you'll get until the next update are those weird Loopr videos we have so much fun doing these days...

So much fun we can even tease you about that however. Loopr is fun to use, because live-looping anywhere / anyplace is fun, and maybe you'll get a bit of that happy feel too!

To rebound on some gratuitous Steve Jobs citation, that successful but sadly too soon gone entrepreneur who's words many of you endear:
"I would trade all my technology for an afternoon with Socrates." (Newsweek, 2001)

We would never. Let's trade it instead for more of the fun we already had! And we'll also try to share it to you in the meantime.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

that was the Musikmesse 2013, and that was in Frankfurt

Last week was the Musikmesse Frankfurt, and that was great. A first officious Loopr presence for this 2013 edition.

There were probably around 1500 exhibitors displaying the good stuff, but also thousands of independents networking day and night. And beyond offering a great opportunity to show and check the latest goodies coming out, it is was also a great occasion to chat with DJs, engineers, musicians, and professionals of all styles, domains and taste. A great occasion to listen to what the things really sound like when played with. And a good opportunity to meet some friends too.

breakfast,  Musikmesse 2013,  and Frankfurt am Main

The show is focused on the trade visitor days for sure (you know, if you're into doing some music business..), the last public visitor day however, thought overcrowded, was definitely entertaining for all, with an abundance of concerts and demos all around.

And yes, we're looking forwards to next year for sure... ;)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Live-looping isn't only about people playing alone in the dark...

That's why it is essential that your gear follow you wherever you go.

Just tell me wrong if I am, but most of our artistic inspiration comes from what we live aside from the scene or the studio. I've been looping for more than 2 decades now, and the evolution from my Revox 2-tracks tape apparatus to today's smartphone apps makes it so much easier for me to integrate loop composition as an extension of my real life. I want it to be my life's live-looping notebook, and probably many of you would want it too.

Last w-e, I tested Loopr in my pocket above 10'000 feet, and at approx. 0°F,  with a broadband cell connection on, and it worked. Oh, and I had my skis on. That was fun, and inspirational. You definitely play differently with your endorphinic blood level high up. And I can't even imagine where else that Loopr will follow me, ... yet. :D

Z in Engelberg, tasting the snow, a Loopr in the pocket.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

this was 1996, the first 'Loopr' webcast

1996: this was a long time ago. But this was basically the first Loopr video webcast.

At the time, to connect a loopstation on the Internet, you needed some weird combination of hardware loopers, effects, analog/digital converter cards, 28.8k modems, weird protocols, video and audio compression skills, ... and well finally a good deal of patience with computers that were of good will but only 75MHz CPU fast and with 8MB of RAM.

While Loopr wasn't in the box yet, what you see here is probably the first video webcast prefiguring the Loopr Live Loop Composer for iOS. While we're (I'm including you too ;) ) still stuck with an embryonic version, the foundations of what should be Loopr's ergonomy had already been engineered somehow. 17 years later, and still 152 GitHub issues to go, Loopr is still trying to learn how to stand up better. But hey, we're not in a hurry are we? ;)

Friday, March 22, 2013

"please don't eat cake, let me the cookies" live-looping in Copenhagen

So, beyond having live-looping and networking fun times in Denmark, maybe you want to see and hear what it's like what's inside those bags pictured in monday's blog. Easy, here's the video of the 5-star-penthouse-suite-bound live-looping practice sessions, and at 2:55, the final mix back home from the real-world live instrument session.

Gear beyond  Loopr on a 4G iPod Touch :
Washburn Bantam headless customized bass (and its original gigbag dust deposits.. ;) ), MXR Dynacomp, MXR Bass D.I.+, iRig Stomp, Nobels MF-2, iRig MIDI, and finally iOn Road Rocker.

And yeah, during that 3 day tour, both software and hardware felt like a rock. :)

Please don't eat cake, let me the cookies.

Monday, March 18, 2013

made by musicians for musicians

Finally, the best way to test something is to road test it. Nothing screams 'its working' better than actually going there, and doing the thing. We've been doing it for a while thought, but this time we're going the step further: doing the real thing, with no backup plans. So here it is, the two Loopr bags taking the plane, setup including everything battery-operated (iPod, pedalboard, amp, guitar, pedals), ready for the gigs, even with no AC. Kobenhavn is a great city, and after three days (and nights) in town, the conclusion is: feels like hardware baby! ;)

everything included, and it works