Friday, April 5, 2013

Live-looping isn't only about people playing alone in the dark...

That's why it is essential that your gear follow you wherever you go.

Just tell me wrong if I am, but most of our artistic inspiration comes from what we live aside from the scene or the studio. I've been looping for more than 2 decades now, and the evolution from my Revox 2-tracks tape apparatus to today's smartphone apps makes it so much easier for me to integrate loop composition as an extension of my real life. I want it to be my life's live-looping notebook, and probably many of you would want it too.

Last w-e, I tested Loopr in my pocket above 10'000 feet, and at approx. 0°F,  with a broadband cell connection on, and it worked. Oh, and I had my skis on. That was fun, and inspirational. You definitely play differently with your endorphinic blood level high up. And I can't even imagine where else that Loopr will follow me, ... yet. :D

Z in Engelberg, tasting the snow, a Loopr in the pocket.

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