Wednesday, March 27, 2013

this was 1996, the first 'Loopr' webcast

1996: this was a long time ago. But this was basically the first Loopr video webcast.

At the time, to connect a loopstation on the Internet, you needed some weird combination of hardware loopers, effects, analog/digital converter cards, 28.8k modems, weird protocols, video and audio compression skills, ... and well finally a good deal of patience with computers that were of good will but only 75MHz CPU fast and with 8MB of RAM.

While Loopr wasn't in the box yet, what you see here is probably the first video webcast prefiguring the Loopr Live Loop Composer for iOS. While we're (I'm including you too ;) ) still stuck with an embryonic version, the foundations of what should be Loopr's ergonomy had already been engineered somehow. 17 years later, and still 152 GitHub issues to go, Loopr is still trying to learn how to stand up better. But hey, we're not in a hurry are we? ;)

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