Friday, March 22, 2013

"please don't eat cake, let me the cookies" live-looping in Copenhagen

So, beyond having live-looping and networking fun times in Denmark, maybe you want to see and hear what it's like what's inside those bags pictured in monday's blog. Easy, here's the video of the 5-star-penthouse-suite-bound live-looping practice sessions, and at 2:55, the final mix back home from the real-world live instrument session.

Gear beyond  Loopr on a 4G iPod Touch :
Washburn Bantam headless customized bass (and its original gigbag dust deposits.. ;) ), MXR Dynacomp, MXR Bass D.I.+, iRig Stomp, Nobels MF-2, iRig MIDI, and finally iOn Road Rocker.

And yeah, during that 3 day tour, both software and hardware felt like a rock. :)

Please don't eat cake, let me the cookies.

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