Wednesday, April 17, 2013

that was the Musikmesse 2013, and that was in Frankfurt

Last week was the Musikmesse Frankfurt, and that was great. A first officious Loopr presence for this 2013 edition.

There were probably around 1500 exhibitors displaying the good stuff, but also thousands of independents networking day and night. And beyond offering a great opportunity to show and check the latest goodies coming out, it is was also a great occasion to chat with DJs, engineers, musicians, and professionals of all styles, domains and taste. A great occasion to listen to what the things really sound like when played with. And a good opportunity to meet some friends too.

breakfast,  Musikmesse 2013,  and Frankfurt am Main

The show is focused on the trade visitor days for sure (you know, if you're into doing some music business..), the last public visitor day however, thought overcrowded, was definitely entertaining for all, with an abundance of concerts and demos all around.

And yes, we're looking forwards to next year for sure... ;)

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