Friday, November 1, 2013

v1.1.1 el bugs has left the building

Yeeeeaaah, the v1.1.1 (641/642) update was finally released.

A small bug on some random devices made them crash at startup for some strange reason.. some older devices had some sound glitches... at first resolutions lead to some other strange and random bug... a new operating system messing up the debug process... yes, things were kind of sporty after the release of v1.1 .

But at last, v1.1.1 seems stable... and we thank everyone of you who were 'bugged' by the v1.1 . A big digital hug to those who sent us some debug info, those who had the patience to wait and see, those of you who encouraged the process with smiles and cheers.

And we definitely thank the guy who gave three stars for the app while he did have one of the previous bug on his device... Cheers to you, if that isn't an honest review! :D

Yeah to all! See you soon for that next update... ;)

nothing better than a good farm of devices looping the latest ß version, that's how we debug

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