Sunday, September 22, 2013

Loopr v1.1 update : 64 tracks multi-phrase loopstation is out

Finally. Look at that 's' car go.

It took some time to get the animal out. Still a work in progress. But go and get the first 64 tracks multiple phrase live-looper for iOS, Loopr update v1.1:

- 64 independent tracks
- multiple phrases
- iTunes import/export
- alphanumerical screen to name sessions
- ...

Everything as usual was engineered to be controlled either through touchscreen UI or MIDI pedalboard program controls. This is only a v1.1, and it's far from being complete. Check this oldie video, that was in April and we just had tested multiple phrases and groups for the first time... ;)

Hope you have as much fun with it than we do in the meantime. :D
time for some sweet potato fries and local wine at Buck's...

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