Saturday, July 7, 2012

looping the Hang drum with phantom power

Currently testing the Tascam iU2 interface with a bit more intensity. Phantom power (+48V) works with the iPod USB power supply, that's great news. Tried to use an old sE Electronix SE M1C recording my Hang drum (the original one, you know that one made in the bernese alps) with good results. Yay!

iPod touch, iU2, SE M1C, FCB1010, Hang drum, and my beloved Sennheiser HD280 pro headset

Working with the FCB1010 pedalboard however made it hard to use. The massive buttons make it hard not to make noise when switching... And while you can imagine a very portable percussion setup with the iPod, the iU2, the mic stand and mini mike, the pedalboard is far too big in my opinion.

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