Thursday, October 25, 2012

what? unresponsive MIDI pedalboards?

While the app has near 0 latency response, that is also largely linked to your choice of MIDI pedalboard, so beware! (we do recommend some on the website) Still working on ways to be able to musically use unresponsive MIDI pedalboards.

e.g. Digitech's Control 8 - cheap, sturdy, compact, nice looking but has a terrible MIDI latency..

Some do probably get nearly 10ms delays between actual pedal press and MIDI program send which makes it a terrible option for live-looping. But still, some have really nice footprints and options, are sturdy, with continuous controllers and would be great if it wasn't for that terrible glitch. They may be discontinued, but you still can find them cheap online, or in your basement! So we're probably going to do something about it in a near future Loopr update. We'll definitely keep you posted.

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