Sunday, March 10, 2013

live-looping is a groove generator, and a bit like surfing

Live-looping to me is a bit like surfing the ocean waves or carving the snowy slopes. While live-loopers range from micro-looping experimentalists, to hour long delay sound-smith, all that embrace the loop seriously (and I by that mean near obsessively ;) ) seem to have fallen for the charm, the highly addictive sensuality of sailing the magical flow of the mighty self-repeating waveform.

So to me, and I know for many of you too, it is no wonder I crave to compose with my loopers. The transe-like feeling you get once into that seemingly never-ending groove, that unstoppable wave front that always rolls back just makes it feel good. And often that's what we would like to convey in our songs and compositions. Here's a small video of an example of how easy it can be.

Anyhow, whatever looper pedal, loopstation, or piece of software you feel is best to get your sound, that extra bit made of adrenaline and endorphins makes you probably want to press it out forever. For you and your audience. ;)

S from the Loopr team sampling the real thing before complex code transcription

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