Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rolls MP128 vs Behringer FCB1010

I've been working with MIDI pedalboards for a long time now.. I originally bought the Rolls MP128 because of its price, but rapidly found out that it was not only cheap, but also precise, indestructible, light, compact (but not too compact), and reliable. I probably worked with mine daily for nearly 2 decades, and it still works near if brand new (lost a tad of its precision in the last two years, I should probably clean it..). While you might find the looks a bit industrial, this is a MIDI pedal board, and if you're serious about it, you're going to step on it anyways...

Rolls MP128 vs Behringer FCB1010, David vs Goliath, or the 'guess who can fit in my gig bag' challenge

I've tried many MIDI pedalboards throughout the years, on the road, or in the studio, but always came back to my good old friend. Don't get me wrong, there are many fantastic other alternatives, but they are nowhere as cheap for all that I need. The only one that seems to compete in the functionality/build/price ratio is Behringer's FCB1010, so I'll give it more testing in the weeks to come.

But already, to my taste, it's already much too big! So the win is to my good old Rolls.. but I'll come with more details regarding other aspects... ;)

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