Wednesday, September 19, 2012

iOS 6 is here: bring it on!

What will iOS 6 bring to us live-loopers? Loads of optimization for sure, access to new hardware (we can't think enough of that A6 processor and its great power/electrical-consumption ratio), but more importantly it offers many updated frameworks.

We have great hopes as developers but also and more importantly as musicians (and hope Apple really gets it right, e.g. better audio units integration, options, and UI architecture, or enable coherent audio watermarking or authoring tags to follow our sounds wherever they stream, without impeding on creativity, or for AirPlay integration, ...). There is so much to hope in terms of UI and media management, and there will be great apps coming out of it soon. We're also looking forwards to using that too, but for us now, we still have so much essential stuff standing on our workbench, we're simply going to have to stick to our plan. It's already slow enough.. ;)

this is iOS6 getting stuffed in our old iPod touch, no undue cruelty involved

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