Monday, September 17, 2012

you shall never hesitate to experiment with Loopr

Here goes a new video. We shall never hesitate to experiment with music. So I was getting board in my kitchen. With a camera. With my Loopr. And here it came:

"terrible footage from the grungy cuisine with MIDI sync"

Not even really in rythm. But hey, the title gives you a rather precise idea of what the situation was. And let's look at it another way, who cares, it's a good example of how you can use Loopr on the fly, when the idea comes, not after. I have to confess it may look like it was complicated to get someone to start a vacuum cleaner in the building next door, while having someone else in the street below horn from their vintage Opel Rekord B, in acceptable tempo, while I was scraping (off-tempo please) the cooking oil-drip protecting shield. And then sync the whole with a crappy MIDI preset on my drum-machine. And use a black pepper container, the electric lighter, and sing that bass. No, really, Loopr works also great for that! ;D

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