Wednesday, September 5, 2012

v1.0 one month after, so what about the sound

Thanks to all of you early adopters! After a bit more than a month on the App Store, the proof of concept behind, we are now going to gear up a bit... These 4 weeks have been very instructive indeed: while we are quite sure of what we need to offer with Loopr, it's definitely something else to bring it to production with the level of quality we pro-musicians expect. Definitely a completely odd adventure to provide software that should feel like hardware. Sturdy and refined.

This v1.0 definitely had a better reception than we ever expected, we happily saw similar apps readily integrating some of those basic but so essential functions we had integrated (which is totally fair game by the way, it's the way you do it that's important, and all the best for us musicians! ;) ), we're now taking in account your feedbacks (+ and -), integrating them to our visions for the future, and well fine-tuning the code and concepts to add what you and we should expect of Loopr v1+. Your tool is our tool.

So what now? Well, functionality, ergonomy, interface, usability, ... all of these are still in focus, but we need to zoom in. And we should be able to tell you more very soon.


at the end it's all about sound, looking forwards to switch the standby mode off

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